One of the few plausible advantages is that melee is low-budget.

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Before returning even I had been speaking poorly about EOC, although I had never played it! This is the narrative for many others, irrespective of RuneScape gold if they acknowledge it or not, because stuff like this takes to a snowball effect. Also, some people say that micro-transactions and what are a huge plague to Runescape but frankly it is keeping the company afloat and is in no way mandatory. I find it's mostly newer players that appear to purchase stuff for real money, us vets know how to get things done the old ways.

Up to 07 goes, I had high hopes initially but today it actually reminds me more of the downward spiral that we all seen shortly after 2007 or so. However, that said, I'm probably biased but it's still my view. The only way I see 07 being an attractive or feasible community is using a bunch of friends or some kind of clan of old friends. It is a nice community, I guess.

Melee is the most powerful battle mode, and has been so since the release of EoC, and persisted through the International Combat Improvements. However, melee is just the least practical combat mode. Offensively, melee gets the maximum damage rate against a target with infinite hp... but there are no goals with boundless hp. The time necessary to operate toward new targets severely dampens the successful damage speed, to the point that melee's higher base dps is eclipsed by even scope, the weakest style, in most Slayer situations. Beside receiving splash damage from multi-purpose robots such as Vorago, Nex, and Beastmaster, melee allows small to no manoeuverability against the likes of ROTS twists and Araxxor's swipes. Against enemies that attack with melee and another style, Melee sacrifices considerably protection given by Prayer.

Even if it's the argument of raw power vs practicality, the potency does not outweigh the difficulties melee poses. It's like having the option between an iron bar and a gun. Sure, the bar will do more damage if you hit it hard enough, but you may as well go with the gun.

One of the few plausible advantages is that melee is low-budget. Items like the improved excalibur as well as the Saradomin godsword provide certain healing abilities. If you would want such a thing with, as an instance, magic, you'd have to change to ancients and cheap RS gold reach some bloodstream spells. When you get into auras, scrimshaws and poisonous weaponry, it matters small.