Elden Ring is a game that will see you die

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If you walk into the Temple Quarter from Elden Ring Runes the south you'll be able to find numerous buildings that are broken to look around. Inside some of the rubble, you'll find an item that is housed in a chest: an Icerind Hatchet. Once you've grabbed it, you're now ready to begin beating your opponents and freezing them in fashion.

7 Hilarious Deaths In Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a game that will see you die. A lot. Repeatedly. Every single one of the FromSoftware games are like this. Death is an essential mechanic expertly baked into the stories the developers are trying to tell. Although it's tempting to throw your controller over the wall when you die What about looking on the humorous side?

Death is intended to be overcome, not as an the insurmountable barrier that stops the person from moving forward. In many ways, the Soulsborne series is full of humorous tone. This is particularly evident when the deaths are just downright hilarious.

Being teabagged to Death.Getting teabagged is a long-standing form of disrespect when playing video games. In games with death cams or with spectator modes the norm was to kneel and then stand each time over the top of an enemy's body as a sign of disgrace. This isn't exactly a mature thing but it hurts it, and that's the primary aspect. When it happened that this Elden Ring enemy glitched out and the_goon12 thought they were lucky and decided to take a cheeky kill. The Goon12 had no idea of the fate was in store for Elden Ring Runes for sale them.