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High-quality programmers and developers who can write code for any firm are essential in the IT world. Developers of programming languages play a critical influence in deciding the success of programmes. Each programming language was created with a specific goal in mind. Object-oriented programming languages are a means of structuring data structures as objects that can hold both data and methods.

OOP languages allow programmers to interact with real-world elements in a productive manner. Objects in OOP can store many techniques such as knowledge, data, and condition. OOPs can also be utilised for a complete examination of different types of online applications, as well as for reduced development time, accurate coding, easy testing, reusability, debugging, and data corruption. Analyzing the appropriate OOP language for the development process might be difficult for programmers. For less complex applications, OOP languages provide simplicity and transparency. The top OOPs languages include C++, PYTHON, JAVA and etc.


Although Python does not fully support object-oriented programming, it does support it. Python is linked to the concept of object-oriented programming because of its readability and flexibility in creating complicated data science processes.

Python Classes are used to define data structures for a certain topic. It's well-known for its adaptability, simplicity, and speed of growth. It's ideal for machine learning and data science applications. It offers a thriving community that is eager to assist you in your learning. Python, on the other hand, is an interpreted language that isn't the fastest.

Python is one of the most popular programming languages of the year, according to a Stack Overflow poll. It's object-oriented, cross-platform, and includes Django, Theano, TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, Keras, PyTorch, and Pandas, among other libraries. Python Training in Chennai will enhance your programming skills in Python Platform.


C++ is an object-oriented programming language, despite the fact that C-based languages are not. C++ is a strong high-level programming language that may be used to create interpreters and compilers that assist other programming languages be understood. All of C's principles are included in C++. C++ has a sizable user base. C++, unlike Python and Ruby, is a compiled language, which means it is extremely fast.

Data binding, inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, and encapsulation were all important features of C++. C++ is an established programming language with a lengthy history. It is a very strong language that may be used to manipulate operating systems and file systems at a low level. It includes a number of libraries that can be used to reuse code. S join FITA Academy’s C++ Training in Chennai to develop your skills in C++ language.


Java is a lot more than just a programming language for high-level tasks. Java is one of the most popular and frequently used object-oriented programming languages on the market today. Java has come a long way and is well-known for its strategic development and implementation. On the back of Java, Android development has risen to new heights, which is a remarkable feat in and of itself.

With Java, developers have everything they need to create web apps and software solutions at their fingers. Java was created to be platform-agnostic, letting developers to write code once and run it on a variety of platforms including desktop, online, and mobile.

'Write once, run anywhere' is Java's mantra. It has a basic syntax and is easy to pick up. Only a few languages have a development ecosystem as good as Java's, and it has a sizable online community. It outperforms Python and Ruby in terms of speed. FITA Academy offers the best Java Training in Chennai with the Placement Support.

With modular software, flexibility, extensibility, and a simple development process, Java has all of the advantages of high-level OOP languages. However, it does not perform as well as C++, for example.

Java libraries and frameworks make Java readable on all platforms on which it runs. The Java Virtual Machine, which runs, loads, and verifies Java code, is also the essential concept of the high-level programming language.