A greater part of NBA 2K players I know are either going for profession mode

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It's okay if opposing defenders are right in front of you when you have elite dunkers since they possess the qualities needed to be able to dominate over them NBA 2K Coins. If you have your player sprint from the backcourt, and having good stamina increases your chances of winning the game.

Contact dunks are made by holding down the RT or R2 with the right stick pointed upwards as you sprint toward the basket. There must be a guard on the other side of the court so that your player can complete an effective contact dunk without stepping over him.

Elite finishers have more chance of finishing contact dunks in comparison to defenders. The players who have the elite or professional packages can make contact dunks more accessible, however, the odds of finishing are higher over players with blockers and paint defenses that are high.

Dunk contest controls are different from regular dunks in games. Participants can select the type of dunk they wish to execute based on the given dunks in NBA 2K22. It's all about timing and execution when performing these Buy NBA 2K22 MT, because the judges will evaluate them when they score.