Pest Control. Benefits: Factors = XP.

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Other Bonuses, Strength: +102 (Generally a max hit of 22-23) Prayer: 6. A few of the places I think are good training spots... Yaks (level-22) Benefits: 50HP and RS gold usually simple to kill. Disadvantage: Another dull day in Neitiznot. Flesh Crawlers(level-35). Benefits: Easy to kill, great Rune drops and an occasional Essential Half. Disadvantage: Sometimes crowded, hard to bank using a full inventory.

Pest Control. Benefits: Factors = XP. Slayer Master: Vannakka or Turael. Advantage: Great XP for slayer and combat. Disadvantage: Some jobs are dumb (20 cows???) Or challenging (200 iron paintings???) . I'm just not sure which to visit... select one from the above or make your own suggestion!

My objective is levelling around 53 so that I can do quests with plantation requirements. I'm level 31 farming and presently have a willow tree growing in Falador and an Apple tree in Catherbery. If I chop my willow for logs do ents and the arms that split your axe come out? I multi-task while on RS and break my axes so frequently I have to carry 3 rune axes in my inventory. I intend to add a tree in Varrock and a fruit tree in Gnome stronghold because they are easy for me to get to in my farm runs. I haven't begun to do bushes or hops yet.

I am now f2p I have been coaching str from 77 to 79 almost 80 im quitting at 80 to get different skills up but that I will likely grow to be a member soon and I want a skill cape. If I get a skill cape I dont want fletching or cooking though only because it is very easy I need my initial 99 to be special so I figured strength would be pretty great. So how long could 80-99 str take and in which to train?stats: Depends on where you educate, whether your ready to invest money on pots/good meals whilst training there, etc..

First off I'll just mention - that the strength skillcape is nearly as popular as fletching/cooking ones nowadays. If your following a unique cape, go to get a skill such as mining, slayer, runecrafting, farming, hunter, agility or fishing. These can all be trained cheaply and fairly quick enough if you put your mind to it. But back to the question, the best way to train power. There are a Couple of places that I'll cite:

This is a lousy choice in my opinion, however extremely popular. Due to the fairly new pest control system, its really not that fast xp anymore, and it won't get you some hitpoints xp, and buy OSRS gold certainly will be dull and frustrating occasionally. Id guess, playing maybe 2-3 hours every day on average, training from level 80-99 would take around 8-10 weeks in pest management.