It's still unclear whether players

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Set in a fantasy world, Lost Ark features two game-playable races at Lost Ark Gold the time of the game's creation: Humans and Elves. While there are different races and the game's creator may introduce more races in the near future but they're the only two that can be chosen in the present.

In addition, you can't precisely select the race of your choice when creating your character. the race will be determined according to the character's gender, and the class of the character, similar in gender. For this reason, the character's race will already be set when you choose the class.

It's still unclear whether players can select different races in each class in the future as the game's developer hasn't made any official announcements on that matter.

One of the main benefits of many MMORPGs is the capability to make friends in-game, and guilds can be a fantastic way to keep them all together and coordinate events.

Making a guild within Lost Ark is fairly simple and Buy Lost Ark Power leveling can be completed within minutes of players leaving in the prologue, and possess the needed amount of silver. The game throws plenty at players once they exit the prologue, therefore, learning about guilds could surely be lost among the myriad of details.