Why Your Emails Keep Disappearing (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL)

There are no limited ways to communicate with family, friends, businesses, and colleagues. With Facebook messenger, you can message directly to load iMessage in

There are no limited ways to communicate with family, friends, businesses, and colleagues. With Facebook messenger, you can message directly to load iMessage in Mac or iPhone messaging in 2020 is much easier. However, there is nothing more worthy to use than email. As now, every device can access email, that becomes easy for everyone to reach out to people and express to them directly. It is also capable of advancing the protection with mail, sending messages from temporary mail account, or maintaining the identity hide. Though the email is most reliable, so it doesn’t mean that it is without faults. As you control the mail from several devices or clients, effects may not be smooth. If you check that, the mails are vanishing from the inbox before you delete it. There must be the possibility that the internet protocol deleted all the mails as it downloads from the server. Read the blog to get the idea and follow the given instructions to stop disappearing the mail in future.

Why Do Mails Disappear?

There are several ways you may access the mail. You may log in to the email account through a web browser, use the desktop app, or use the app on a device. According to the settings of mail service, you may access the mail in different methods.

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POP3: It means that you have downloaded the mail to the system to use it offline or locally.

IMAP: The simple setting syncs the mail account with the entire device.

If the mail settings are set to POP3, it is capable the mail will vanish from the server.


POP3 is the email service protocol that clients used mostly in the past. But it is not common today. Using POP3, you can connect to the internet, recover mail from the server and store it to the hard drive. As you download the mail and use it offline with the attachments.

How Emails Get Disappear with POP3

If you want to emails get disappeared with POP3, then abide by the given steps:

  1. outlook check the server to view if there are any new mails.
  2. It will download all the mails to the PC’s hard drive.
  3. As it finishes downloading, it will delete the downloaded mails from the server.
  4. If you launch a Gmail inbox from any other device and then locate that, it’s empty.
  5. This may frequently happen if you have Gmail for a long time in past POP3 was the only mail protocol. You can proceed with POP3 but modify the settings, so it does not delete the emails from the server.

How to Set POP3 to Keep Mails

If you use AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, or another online mail service, there is a possibility that it may customize to POP3.

If you want to set POP3 to keep mails, then you can follow the provided steps:

  1. Sign in to Gmail.
  2. Tap on the Settings tab at the top right of the screen.
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. Choose the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option by clicking on the tab.
  5. Locate the POP download menu.
  6. Set position to 2. The emails are accessed with POP to save its copy in Inbox.


IMAP is a mail protocol; as you customize the email client, it may usually set to the IMAP. Like POP, as you download the message to the drive, it will not delete from the server. While IMAP syncs all the mail clients, the entire changes on the mail server will automatically happen on further clients. If you mark any emails as read in client, then it may appear marked as read on another server. Moreover, if you make or modify the file in the client, it will change the server too.

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