The website also mentions the new horizons buttons

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The website also mentions the new horizons buttons

The website also mentions the new horizons buttons are going to Animal Crossing Items be moving back on sale. Just FYI to anyone. Are amiibo cards!Haha fuck the ebay scalpers with the amiibo restock and acnh change edition.I'm a fraud who has used illegitimate Amiibo cards, but only because the actual deals are either not availavle or overpriced.

If I could actually buy some legit cards in an unopened new pack I would, just to have in my collection. I hope they kick up the production enough where they aren't only swept up again and immedistly sold on Ebay.So what are the chances you'll be able to farm Pumpkins annually round?It would really suck if they only kept it around for a couple of months, especially because it is a fresh new attribute, but who knows what they will do. I'm thinking they could introduce more veggies in the future?? I mean, when there is a farming mechanic for pumpkins, then why don't you take it further with more vegetables?

Imo November is the perfect time for more veggies. Carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, maybe. I enjoy farming matches so if they maintained this in the game round I'd probably become obsessed all over again using the game lol.

According to NintendoSoup, you can buy pumpkin starts from Leif yearlong or by Nook's Cranny at the month of October. It seems as though they're keeping them around! I'm going to make a special spot for it on my island lol

There's no way they would add a whole new function and just allow it to be seasonal. It's entirely possible pumpkins won't be growable all year round, but certainly other items would be added instead.Pretty sure the data mine said they will be other farming nevertheless (tomato's maybe?) So I assume what you're able to cheap Animal Crossing Bells grow will rotate throughout the year.Well we can still buy August Fireworks/Balloons from the shop cupboard, so they market pumpkin seeds round just like they do with fireworks.