Deshaun Watson already has a long history with Madden nfl 22

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Deshaun Watson already Madden 22 coins has a long history with Madden nfl 22 as he was among the players who made the Virtual Pro Bowl this past season. Yet, despite being among of the best signal callers on the field, Watson isn't on the cover of the game. This year, he led in the NFL in passing yards by 4.823 while throwing 33 touchdowns and seven interceptions. Like Allen, he's also a double threat since he was able to run for 444 yards. There are some problems with Watson's candicacy.The one issue is that should Madden nfl 23 be released with Watson on the cover, it will be one of the very few instances where a player from a truly horrible team has been rewarded with the honour. Despite the quarterback's eye popping numbers however, the Houston Texans posted just a 4-12 record. The team also let go its coach in mid-season. If Watson received the green light it would be the first time someone from a losing team made this cover ever in the past since Calvin Johnson in Madden NFL 13. Johnson's Detroit Lions also posted a 4-12 record prior to the release of that edition.

In response to the rumors concerning the possibility Tennessee Titans' star Derrick Henry might be able to beat all but it's worth noting that he's only 7th NFL running back in league history to run up to 2.000 yards in a single season. He's also the first after Adrian Peterson (a former cover athlete) in 2012. Henry was averaging 2.027 and 19 touchdowns during the last year.It's worth noting that whoever is given the go ahead when Electronic Arts announces the chosen superstar, they'll certainly be featured on the cover of more platforms than ever before. After having returned back to PC in recent years as and Google Stadia this winter, it appears Madden nfl 23 could be adding it to Nintendo Switch to its launch platforms in the coming fall.Franchise Mode requires the most Assistance

The Face of the Franchise could madden 22 mut coins be improved, the franchise mode is always the one in the middle of the debate whenever the game's players are upset. Much like the original game mode it's not required to be rebuilt from ground up. However, it will need an update to the quality of life in order to make it possible to launch the new game a success. It would be helpful to improve the game if EA focused the same level of attention to realism that MLB The Show does with its franchise mode. The Show doesn't really do anything extravagant, but the game mode functions like they're running a major league's front office.