5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Bedsheets

Your choice of single or double bedsheets for your home expresses your preferences extensively.


Your choice of single or double bedsheets for your home expresses your preferences extensively. The neutral-hued linen single bedsheets laid purposefully on the single bed in the living room display class and elegance. Also, the floral sheets adorning your kids' room can become their favourite corner where they relax, enjoy, scream and cry. However, there are things that you might not know about bedsheets. If you are a mindful buyer and want your stuff to be precise enough, consider going through these points:

Know About The Size

If there is the first wise step one should take before buying single or double bedsheets, it's definitely the exact measurement. Before you move on to get bedsheets, measure the area of your mattresses. There are different sizes for every bed, and bedsheets are curated accordingly. You can even get bedsheets customized if the size of your bed is not standard.

Know Your Bedsheet Material Carefully

To make the 2920 hours of sleep a year cosy, relaxed, and peaceful, the material of your bedsheet should be fine. Amongst the many options available, including silk, linen, bamboo, and cotton, the latter is the wisest choice. The charm of cotton double or single bedsheets hardly fades away and remains the same for years. The soft cotton stuff is not just easy to maintain but economical to buy. You can have superior quality double bedsheets at an affordable range of 2500-2000 at Wallmantra. Also, for your desire for fancy bedsheets, silk suits well. Their grace and elegance remain intact for years. 

 Know About the Thread Count

What makes single or double bedsheets superior is their thread count. The more the thread count superior the bedsheet will be. Although you can find bedsheets in different thread contents, ones with thread content over 300 are considered better. Nevertheless, besides this, there are a lot of factors that define the quality of a bedsheet. You can't rely just on the thread count to claim superiority. A complete look over colours, dyes, and fabric gives better insight.

Know About The Dyes

There's a lot in bedsheets beyond the fabric and thread count. For a long-lasting and better experience, one must check the type of dyes used. While natural dyes are a better option for a sustainable experience, artificial dyes are a bit cheaper, widely available and produce vibrant colours.  

Know About The Colours

The colour of double or single bedsheets must be in theme with your interior. Mindfully contrasted bedsheets create a delightful ambience hard to find and create. If you are looking for bedsheets for your kids' room, consider buying dark colours as they hide the stains easily. On the other hand, the space for adults should have bedsheets in neutral hues to ensure peace and calmness.