Path of Exile 3.12.5 patch released this week

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The developers of the action RPG Path of Exile have released a preliminary update log to update 3.12.5 online. The team has made changes to the Steal League and POE Currency this week, fixing bugs and improving performance.

Grinding Gear Games will release update 3.12.5 of the action RPG Path of Exile this week. In order for us to prepare for this event, the developers have released a preliminary change log.

In the "Theft" alliance, some doors between the character's current location and the target room will no longer be blocked after the isolation begins (the main goal cannot be reached due to such errors). The team will fix a bug that would prevent the door from opening in the unique heist of Darnau’s death.

If you rust it immediately after starting the beam attack, the rusted grinder will no longer damage the beam. Brave adventurers will lose the ability to get stuck on the door after using Dash.

If the chest contains only the part marked "take only", the chest part will no longer be placed in an invisible folder. The developer will fix an error due to which, when you enable linking an item to a section, if there are no characters of level 25 or higher on the account, an error will be displayed.

In the battle with Sirius the World Awakener, performance will improve. The key passive skills of the end of the world will begin to appear on the unique body armor of the Lords skin. If the character loses stamina cost, the unique shield eternal apple will stop triggering multiple battle sounds at the same time.

Developers will fix the memory leak that occurs when using Storm Shield. Crashes in four areas will be fixed. Buy POE Orbs can definitely attack Kitava or Arakaali.