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The Bluff is an impressive feature film debut and an excellent version of a conflict that has been portrayed many times in Hollywood, played by Sheikh Shah Nawaz. Great Action movies to watch with family at watchonlinmovies.But in a few of these films can you really understand the moral argument in which the characters are involved and which says something fundamental.


An impressive supporting cast

In Bluff, after an awkward beginning, one actually frowns and begins to wonder what the director is trying to achieve with a shallow and fast-paced opening. His approach, however, is quite different. With obvious confidence and with the help of a good lead actor and an impressive supporting cast, Shah Nawaz tells a story that wants to stay real until the end.

Bluff is an exercise in suspense

 There are no flashy shots or loud action montages. Rather, Bluff is an exercise in suspense, depicting the inner conversations of a dubious but necessary plot. This too, of course, is a wise choice from a director who knows his indie cinema framework and uses it to the full.

Investigate drug rings in the city

Detective Sergeant Daniel Miller has been suspended for something suspicious. But it's all an obvious plot to get him to go undercover to investigate drug rings in the city. He is almost forced to accept it. When he sees the substances, something from his past troubles him.

A violent drug lord

Danny now has a new identity and meets a street junkie who links him to a drug dealer. The cook's name is Junkie and he becomes Danny's best ally in the fight against Ingram, a violent drug lord who does not hesitate to keep order when his dealers cross the line and even consume the product. Danny has to be careful not to overstep the boundaries of his assignment because control is difficult.

The Bluff is not the action thriller

Sheikh Shah Nawaz could make everything easier. He could have made a mediocre action thriller adorned with a few well-shot scenes, a third-act climax, and long conversations between the bad guys. Instead, he opted for something dramatic, almost personal. The Bluff is not the action thriller one would expect. It's more of a drama with unnecessary echoes of a thriller.

There is the third act
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Tragedy, driven by Danny's personal conflict, seems to be in the film's blood. Just when you think it's getting racy, Shah Nawaz insists on dimming the lights and staying in the passive realm. Guilt forces Danny to step out of his comfort zone and show the true state of a damaged mind that never wanted to redeem itself. Now we understand what his intentions were when he went deep.

The director almost forces the viewer

 In the final scene, the director almost forces the viewer to take their eyes off the harsh portrayal of reality that a character like Danny has to deal with. Watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies at 7starhd for free. Especially in the last seconds, we think that the sympathy is a result of the director's manipulation. But no. This is not that kind of film.

It is a compelling crime story

It is more interesting than your average indie film that follows the rules of the genre and where the characters behave the way they have to in order to meet the demands of the audience unhindered. The Bluff is a good film, but it is also something more. It is a compelling crime story that offers space for conversation. A conversation about human nature in the face of chaos caused by the dark reality one chooses to live in, or a past that hides secrets one doesn't always want to face.