Madden 21 Next-Gen: A few things you need to know about PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

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Regarding whether the audio will be enhanced, it seems that there are not many new comments, but there is one called location-based audio. The following is a breakdown of EA:

"Whether you want to escape the tunnels of Atlanta or jump into the stands of Green Bay, you can hear the tingling sensation of the stadium. Thanks to Madden’s new spatial audio technology, it can bring you all-round immersion. Environment experience. Using Madden 21 Coins to provide one-to-one fidelity crowd placement data on the stands, we can use spatialization effects and precise directions to accurately place the cone output. This means you will hear spatial sound effects The impact of, especially in crowds and roaring crowds. Audio is an underestimated attribute in the entire gaming experience. Location-based audio makes you more like a player on the field, just like in a stadium environment. The voice surrounds you.

How the next generation of weather changes, at least from a visual point of view, the weather effect will be greatly enhanced. Initially, Sean Graddy told us in the live broadcast that the weather will not affect the gameplay.

However, when I followed up on that part of the next-generation version, I was told that we would still see "the player slipped on the route, and the QB fell back, dropped the ball, and applied impact. "Very good, worth clarifying. If the gameplay is not affected, the visual effect of improving the weather will not have much impact.

Many players care about whether the next-generation Madden 21 will have any new exclusive modes. Unfortunately, the next-generation version of Madden 21 will not have any new modes or exclusive modes. From this perspective, everything is purely transplanted from the current game, and Buy Madden 21 Coins is the best choice.