Three excellent ways to construct the Path of Exile

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Path of Exile is a relatively complicated game. There is no perfect choice to build Path of Exile. Fortunately, there are many top POE Currency with price and game changes, players should keep these in mind. Players can try one of the following three excellent construction methods in the Exile Theft Alliance.

Facts have proved that for most of the "Path of Exile" content in the Beginner League, "Essence Loss" and "Infectious Diseases" are an unstoppable combination. The player throws the ball, draws the essence, and then performs contact projection, spreading the button drawing effect to all nearby targets. This caused the poison wave to spread among the enemies.

In order to improve your survivability and damage, Trickster is the biggest advantage you can choose. Thieves with ED are rarely prepared to use equipment, although they plan to use dozens of Exalts to make this version in response to "Awakened 8 Sirus" or "Dirrious Tier 16 Map".

After weakening the "Reemption Sentries" in version 3.12, the "Ghost" is looking for new enemies to revive. There are many reliable options. But so far, the stars of the league are betrayers. These enemies can be found in the Syndicate Safe House mission. Other reliable options for Ghosts include the Redemption Sentry, the Frost Auto Scout for looting contracts, and the slave driver for budget players.

In any case, almost all ghosts are caused by cold damage. Please use the four green Triad armbands to change the physical damage of the creeps into cold damage. This doubles the effect of the aura of hatred, and makes the Frost Bomb and Freeze Hex Hex very valuable for weakening powerful enemies.

Some players may notice that Helem-related equipment has become more expensive in Heist, due to the expansion of the early player alliance and the meat-eating Golem Elementalist becoming a powerful slave that can reduce all content with the least investment.

Carrion golems can kill almost all enemies, because they cause huge damage when summoning more servants. The increased minion damage is enough to keep these golems active at the beginning of the league. But players who like to play games can Buy POE Currency to add extra power to these golems.