How to perform Inkjet Canon Printer setup?

The development of technology is quite rapid, making the function of the printer is not only used as a tool to print documents only


Nowadays printers are one of those devices which are essential, helping us to make our life easier day by day as every person has some use of it. Using a printer is as easy as eating a pie, but if you have a printer for your home or just bought a new one for yourself and want to set it up on your own, it is quite difficult if you are not from a technical background.

So the best thing to do at that moment of time is to ask for help from an expert from as their customer support executives are experts with the printer issues and are always available to help you, As they respect the value of your time.

However, if you want to check out your tech skills and want to set up your printer by yourself. Then follow the steps given below this might be able to help you to set up a canon printer.

  1. Switch on your printer and the device you want your printer to connect with like your computer.
  2. Now visit http// to get the printer driver as canon stops sending the driver CD with the printer.
  3. After successful download and install the Printer Driver on your system by following the process step by step.
  4. Now you have been asked for which type of setup you want for your printer whether it is “Wired Setup” or “Wireless Printer Setup or WPS”.
  5. Now make sure your wifi router is on and then click the Wi-Fi button on your printer.
  6. As you follow the prompt instruction on the screen your setup process is going well.
  7. At last, after agreeing to the license policy of canon install printer wizard on your system.
  8. Now select the model of your printer and the setup of your printer is now completed.

If you have any troubles while going through the canon printer setup process feel free to visit ij.start.cannon for instant help regarding printer setup or any of your other tech issues.