16 unique things will make you like Germany immediately, #8 Courtesy toilet for the gentleman!

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If you visit Germany for the first time, you will be amazed at the exotic designs that are so popular in this country.

If you visit Germany for the first time, you will be amazed at the exotic designs that are so popular in this country.

Let’s see what different and interesting Germany in the series below.

1.Parking lot for women.

The parking lot will be marked with the area reserved for women. This is not to discriminate on gender but to prevent risk.

2.Lane for bicycles.

Germans love cycling. According to statistics, 96% of German people have bicycles so to ensure safety, it is necessary to design lane reserved for this vehicle. With priority signs, pedestrians are not allowed to enter the lane for bicycles.

3.At the big supermarket.

Major supermarkets in Germany often list the price of the item. If you buy something that weighs 1.5 kilograms, the price list converts the unit price for every 100 grams!

4.Refund the bottle when empty.

When you buy water at the supermarket, you will see the prices of bottles and water are calculated separately. If you return the bottle to the supermarket after you have finished drinking, they will refund the bottle to you. (Pfand in German means: Deposit)

5.The price of the water bottle is always included on the receipt

6.Supermarket in Germany will close at 20:00.

Some stores in the mall are closed at 19:00. Closed hours are due to be in accordance with local law. So anyone who comes to Germany needs attention.

7.Trash for dogs.

In Germany, we can see dogs everywhere, so there must be a dedicated trash container for dog waste.

8. Toilet culture.

On the occasion of the event there will be such free urinals for men in the surrounding area.

9.”Free Diaper Packs” are seen in all public places.

This way, parents will be able to easily change diapers for free.

10.Toilet reminder here is also very interesting.

11. The interior of the man toilet is more interesting.

12.Red card in football.

In soccer football in Germany, to avoid getting the wrong card, the referee inserts the yellow card into the breast pocket and the red card in the back pocket of the pants and called the “ass card” (Ass Card).

13. Do not wear underwear when entering the sauna.

14. German humor.

Germans are known for their great humor. Ads are also located next to the subway.

15. The fun facts about Germany: No fun in Germany ,go back to work.

16. October Festival

October has the most famous beer festival. Actually, this event starts in September. If you want to attend, you need to pay attention to this information.

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