Madden Stream: DraftKings Fantasy Football DFS Best Goal

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A few days before the Christmas holiday, DraftKings Dream Stream has a four-game schedule on Wednesday as the 2020 Madden Holiday Season playoffs are still going on. By the end of today, the final will be finalized and we will only have four teams left. After the Baltimore Ravens received the New York Jets, the Tennessee Titans visited the Kansas City Chiefs, and the AFC began this action. To see how the team got here and keep up with the latest Madden 21 Coins news, check the rankings and results.

The selected two games start at 8:00 pm. US Eastern Time and focused on the two games of the NFC semifinals, starting with the transfer from the Philadelphia Eagles to the virtual Big Easy team to challenge the New Orleans Saints. When the Saints met earlier in these Madden 21 Sims, they won 13-10. The final game of this game was the top seed of the NFC. The Seattle Seahawks hosted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who defeated the Green Bay Packers on Tuesday night. , Opened the biggest surprise of the first round. This will be the first encounter between Bucs and Seahawks in our Madden 21 Sims, and this is also the only game on this slate on Wednesday to be affected by wild weather, as this game will activate rain.

As usual, it is important to remember that in these simulations, each roster is not affected by COVID-19 retreat, injury, suspension or illness, and the highest score option is at the top of the depth map. Each team’s roster includes all player changes that occurred before the first week of the season, and Madden 21 scores during the first week of the season. For more detailed information, you can find each team's match settings, depth map, skills and X-factor in Madden 21 on the Madden Stream information page, as well as the upcoming schedule. In the latest update in December, X-factor and Buy Madden 21 Coins have undergone some changes, so be sure to check the depth chart of each team.