Director of ‘Borat 2’ Jason Woliner Did not Like The Idea of the Sequel

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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is the 2020’s most unexpected sequel movie. The franchise of Borat was started in 2006 with the first installment title, Borat. The director Jason Woliner had a strong reason to believe that the sequel should not have been made.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is the 2020’s most unexpected sequel movie. The franchise of Borat was started in 2006 with the first installment title, Borat. The director Jason Woliner had a strong reason to believe that the sequel should not have been made.

Woliner’s Borat 2 is a mockumentary comedy movie that depicts the political industry of America. The movie follows the fictional dimwit Kazakhstan journalist Borat Sahgdiyev (Baron Cohen), who offered his daughter as a bride to the Vice President of America, Mike Pence, during the COVID-19 pandemic. It stars Sacha Baron Cohen and Maria Bakalova. Alongside Cohen, Anthony Hines, Dan Swimer, Peter Baynham, Erica Rivinoja, Dan Mazer, Jena Friedman, and Lee Kern wrote the screenplay of the film together.

However, Cohen said he retired from the character in 2007. But, he was spotted in mid-2020 while filming for the sequel project. The movie team successfully kept the film under wrap, and it was officially announced in September 2020. Amazon Studios acquired the project’s distribution rights. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm was released as a video on demand on 23 October 2020.

Recently, in an interview with the director of the sequel project, Woliner shared that he was not initially convinced about the sequel’s idea for some strong reasons. He revealed when the actor Cohen contacted him to direct the second installment of the franchise; the director said that he loved the script, but the first movie is the funniest movie. And making the sequel of the film will be a big mistake. Woliner added that he tried to say the idea is horrible in every possible way.

While talking with the interviewer, Jason said, “I was the first Sacha called about directing the film.” They both went to meet Monica Levinson’s producer, along with Anthony Hines, the writer. And he shared to Sacha that “I loved the screenplay.” Although he came on very strong and said, “Borat is the funniest film ever made, and the sequel will certainly be a mistake.” He added that “most sequels of comedy movies are not good and to make the long-delayed sequels are extremely tough.” The director even mentioned that the character of Borat is famous by now; therefore, they have to find people who do not know him.

Jason Woliner is a writer and director known for his projects, including the Adult Swim series, Eagleheart, NBC’s Parks and Recreation, Fox TV’s The Last Man on Earth, Comedy Central’s Jon Benjamin Has a Van, and many more. He also collaborated with Aziz Ansari and co-wrote the short mockumentary series RAAAAAAAANDY.

Clearly, from the above interview, Woliner seems a huge fan of the original film of the franchise, Borat. Therefore, he did not want to ruin the franchise with a less worthy sequel. However, the director’s fear was valid, as the industry has many such sequels that decrease the pre-achieved standards of the franchise. However, actor Sacha Baron Cohen understood Woliner’s concern and appreciated his take on the sequel’s idea. And later, he offered the director’s chair to Woliner.

The director shared Sacha agreed and was utterly aware of whatever he said. Cohen respected his concern and his approach towards the project. A few days later, Woliner got the invitation to the writer’s room to see if he could get along with Sacha and his writing team. The crew was the same as the original movie, and within two days, he was offered the job.

The film was released two months ago, and fans warmly welcomed the sequel project as the first film. The film became the third most-watched movie on Amazon Prime. It got an approval rating of 86% on Rotten Tomatoes based on the 278 critics with an average rating of 7.2. IndieWire’s critic Eric Kohn gave the movie an A- rating and wrote, Fourteen years after his last romp, Borat isn’t exactly woke, but his time has come, and the searing humor of the franchise never felt so essential.”

Borat 2 introduced Borat’s daughter Tutar, who won fans’ hearts with her incredible performance. The character also helped to humanize Borat’s character more. The movie is now available on Amazon Prime Video.