Outdoor elevator has the fastest speed in the world is constructed on the highest cliff

Outdoor elevator built on the highest cliff can lift visitors to the peak of the cliff within 1 minute.

Outdoor elevator built on the highest cliff can lift visitors to the peak of the cliff within 1 minute.

Bach Long (Hundred Dragons) elevator is located on the site of Zhangjiajie National Park, China, as well as is a World Heritage Site. Visitors will find the elevators system built along a steep cliff, a famous scene of Wu Leng.

For those who are afraid of heights, stepping into the elevator is a challenging journey because the outer surface of the ladder is transparent glass which enable to see things from the inside. Each passenger lift can accommodate up to 64 people.

Hundreds Dragons escalator system is like China’s Eiffel Tower. The work has set a series of Guinness World Records, including the world’s highest outdoor elevators, the highest two-storey elevator and the fastest elevator with the largest capacity.

Construction of Hundred Dragons elevators at this scenic site is very necessary. If you want to the peak of the cliff, visitors must step on 999 stone steps. But using the elevator, it only takes a minute to move from the foot of the mountain to the top with the distance of 326m.

The construction began in 1999, and was completed in 2002. Previously, the work had received a lot of criticism from environmental organizations because for them, the elevator is not suitable with the scene of a World Heritage.

Enjoy some breathtaking images of outdoor elevators in China:

The astonishing view of the outdoor elevator.

The elevator impresses with the transparent glass and the huge capacity of up to 64 passengers.

The construction also receives a lot of criticism as it doesn’t fit with the natural beauty.

It cost passenger within 1 minute to go to the top of the cliff.

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