Game of Thrones: The season finale

About how thrillful this season would be


The month of April is about to come and with the month about to approach the excitement among the fans who were eagerly waiting for the release of last season of Game of Thrones is on the peak. The most popular TV serial is about to end so the fans of the serial are looking forward to the end of the show. HBO premiered the most popular TV show which is Game of Thrones season 8 and the serial has gained so much popularity and a lot of positive response from the fans. The eighth season of the show will be launched in the month of April.

In this last season, some episodes will be short in length while others will be long. The first two episodes of this last season are just less than an hour. The third episode is said to be the longest one and is of one hour and 22 minutes. Then the fourth episode will be of 78 minutes. And the last two episodes are estimated to be of 80 minutes each. The dates of the last season have also been announced by HBO, and the dates are believed to be final and uninterrupted.

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