Who cares about "Star Wars KOTOR 3"?

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According to reports, "Star Wars Knights" of "Old Republic 3" will be released soon, and other teams other than the creator of the series, BioWare, are also developing KOTOR 3. This is a major and controversial news, because many people also hope that BioWare can control everything this time, but for those disappointed who are obviously lacking in participation-can I introduce you to "Star Wars: The Old Republic"?

If you haven't played "The Old Republic", it is BioWare Star Wars RPG, and you may feel that you have been missing since KOTOR. Since it is an MMO, many (including myself) have been delayed due to the fact that it is so popular with its predecessors.

Usually, MMO stories caught my attention almost immediately. They usually start with a global battle of good and evil, and then quickly move to your hands. The blockade allowed me to take on all kinds of unusual hobbies, but I jumped back to a series of tasks, and grinding would not be one of them.

SWTOR rarely deviates from tasks that make you feel like you are having an impact on its world. I have not wandered aimlessly around the planet, shooting various monsters to arbitrarily improve my https://www.iggm.com/swtor-credits, nor have I been told that I am leaving my emergency mission to chase some sheep or harvest some wheat. I am an imperial agent with a job to do, not a nomad without a name wandering around the world without motives, and the Old Republic will never let me forget this.

Speaking of empire agents, I should note that if I want to give priority to the story of "Old Republic", this is my recommended class. I learned that other classes such as "Cavalry" are pitiful, and "agents" are involved in spy stories unique to "Star Wars".

I tend to make these decisions based on https://www.iggm.com/swtor-credits . Some targets were allowed to fly under my radar because of their charm, while others led me astray or cursed too much. I may be part of the empire, but I also have my own feelings.