Despite missing two games earlier this year with a hamstring

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Despite missing two games earlier this year with a hamstring

Davante Adams? Includes a fresh accolade to Mut 21 coins improve his ever-growing list of accomplishments during what has been an early 2020 year for the Packers' Pro Bowl receiver. Aaron Rodgers? Amazed Adams with all the news he's been formally welcomed to the"99 Club," a bunch of present players ranked 99 overall from the"Madden NFL" video game franchise.

"I'm going to welcome you into the exclusive"Madden 99 Club," my friend. It is all about time," said Rodgers, after directing Adams to open a box by his desk. "We joked for awhile on top 12 (receiver) and there's been a frequent thread about top 2, not just two, but you're finally getting the due you deserve, my brother." Adams, who began the season with a 94 rating, has steadily climbed since"Madden 21" has been updated. As far as secondary skills, he also has a 99 in catching, launch and short-route running.

Despite missing two games earlier this year with a hamstring injury, the four-time Pro Bowl receiver could break several franchise records during this Sunday's regular-season finale in Chicago. He needs three grabs and one receiving touchdown to accommodate Sterling Sharpe's team record in both categories.

Adams' box comprised a diamond-studded gold necklace with the'99' etched in the middle, which Rodgers used to earn a subtle remark about Adams' Professional Football Hall of Fame potential.

"I think that necklace is exactly the same color as a coat you might be sporting here in around a decade or so," Rodgers said. "I trust you enjoy that color, as it looks good on you" Besides Adams, the Packers have four additional players now rated 90 or better at"Madden 21:" left tackle? David Bakhtiari? Jaire Alexander? (93) and running back ? Aaron Jones? "I grew up loving'Madden.' I love that game," Adams said. "I add a Buy Madden 21 Coins, MUT 21 Coins For Sale - great deal of work for this, so I am grateful it is repaid and I'm glad that it is getting recognized."