WOW Classic Leveling Guide - Level Warrior Class Quickly

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WOW Classic Leveling Guide - Level Warrior Class Quickly


Have you met many difficulties or troubles on leveling your Classic classes? Today we decide to share some tips on how to level WOW Classic Warrior fast, which is centered around Warrior leveling talents and shields.

Two WOW Classic Warrior leveling talents recommended: Arms Fury

To help you level a Warrior fast, we suggest you choose the two best specs for Warrior leveling:

Arms: While leveling as arms, the damage output and damage intake are both a lot more consistent than fury spec. Besides, if you are on a PvP realm for a good possibility you might have to defend yourself in world PvP, the arm spec is available for you. Further, going arms is the best choice while leveling Warrior first time, because it is generally a safer spec.

Fury: It has higher damage potential with talents like Enrage. At the same time, Fury also takes higher incoming damage making it more beneficial if you have healer support while leveling.

Why shields are necessary while leveling in Dungeons?

When the roles you play in dungeon group as a Warrior, you can use a two-hander for almost every situation early. But with the dungeons getting harder and pulls being bigger, Warrior should swap from a melee role to a tank role. In this case it's significant for you to wear a shield, because: 1. It can provide high amounts of armor and the raw armor is the most important aspect of a shield. 2. While several enemies are hitting you, the value of block and the block value your shield provides will be increased indirectly as the pulls get larger during your dungeon grinding experience. You can reduce the amount of incoming damage caused by large packs of non-elite enemies.

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