What is a Amazon Redeem Voucher?

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Amazon provides users a amazon gift card. you can purchase these gift card from "www.amazon.com/redeem. these amazon gift card provides you different types discounts. After purchasing you can add these gift card in you amazon account and can check in you “Amazon pay balance” sect

How to use amazon redeem voucher?

After purchasing next step is how can you use these gift voucher. below i will tell you step step by procedure use of amazon redeem voucher.

1. Go to Amazon.com and sign in.

2. Find the item you want to buy and click "Add to Cart."

3. If you want to buy more items, find the items and add them to your cart. Once you're finished, click the shopping cart icon in the top right corner and then click "Proceed to checkout."
4. Click through until you reach the payment method page. Scroll down to "Gift Cards" and enter your claim code.
5. Click "Apply" and the balance of your gift card will be taken off of your purchase. If the balance of the gift card exceeds the cost of the items in your basket,You'll still have money left over to use at another time.

Benefits of amazon gift card

Amazon gift card provide you different types discounts in every month. these offers change in every month and a new offer comes. you can also get amazon points in Purchasing.

Benefits of use amazon website

1.you not need to use all balance in one purchase.
2. you can choose another option of payment if you do not have sufficient balance.
3. you can check your balance and purchase history.
There are many other benefits have use of amazon website.

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