You can visit Doomsayer in Lumbridge and click on it

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Suddenly, he receives a RS gold message: Congratulations, you just... You are currently a master of the smithing ability.... So he goes to Thurgo, pays 99k, has got the cape, and that's the end of this. How about this..."Well, I will give you a cape, but first you'll need to help me." "What do I do?" "I want to smith a dwarf cannon. If you can help me, you'll have my cape""Alright... what should I do first/Could I just pay rather?" "Get me.../Alright, that's 99k".

And so forth. There are a last challenge for every ability, equivilant to an intermediate pursuit. However, you can just pay instead. It would only require that ability, but you would need to have 99 in that ability (obviously). It would be a fantastic alternative if, for whatever reason, your ability would not allow you to afford the cape (firemaking?) . Feel free to suggest. I haven't got all the abilities up however.

This doesn't apply to the pursuit cape. Agility: A mega-difficult agility course/challenge. Smithing: Smithing a dwarf cannon, with a great deal of different metals required. That's all I've got up to now.

This ability is a fun, free way of earning gold and silver treasures. This skill can lead you into new, unexplored places, and will lead one to find buried riches from early times. This ability also allows you to meet new friends, and challenges you by which Old school runescape buy gold you handle a group of NPCs and managing money and how it is distributed among your group. Have fun and revel in!