The end of each tunel there's a protector

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Then if you agree with OSRS gold the stake you will put your cash in the system and then be told"enter through the blue ladder in world 39" or somthing like this. And there's absolutely no way to take your money out oz which you put it in. This stops rwters because if they consent to a deul and recognize it is not the ideal person they cant just take their money they must win the bet to get their cash back.

To quit rwting you wouldn't know the title of the person you're deuling untill the deul had started. To do this you may need to go to a specified world (like the deul tornaments or lootshare worlds except they'd be called"staking" worlds)and then go to the starter you're told to visit ( the starters would be on different sides of the arena and if you tried to enter the other began a message could apear"I was not told to return there" and you'd only be permitted to input your starter region (more on this below)).

You would also need to be lvl 50+ combat to use this system. This system would only allow you to set up another bet option every 10 or 15min (like trading now) following every deul and you can just post one at a time. It would also keep track of your wins and loses and if you lost 10+ bets of like 10m+ by about 25+ hp then jagex will be alerted to Buy rs3 gold observe you or somthing like this. You'd also be unable to perform"fun wepon" deuls so rwts cant identify eachother using a blossom deul (ty x dun89).