The third DLC of Pokemon Sword and Shield might have been Scrapped

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Two DLCs of Sword and Shield put in a lot of missing Pokemon on the game and offer a lot of fascinating content themselves. Since both these DLCs are successful and also a good tool to reintroduce Pokemon, fans would like to know if a third DLC will show up and complete Pokedex. However, have a few months since Nintendo released Crown Tundra and no indications of DLC. If the 3rd Sword and Shield DLC may be planned, it seems to have been canceled.

In February 2020, a 4chan user claimed to understand a lot about Nintendo's Pokemon plans for the following few years. Also, visit the store, you can buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon. The post didn't provide proof of its own, thus it was suspicious right at that moment, however in retrospect, its accuracy is shocking. The post mentioned the Sword and Shield DLC released not last year, and after that successfully predicted Pokemon Diamond and Pearl come in the second half of 2021. The leaker also pointed out that this Project Kingpin project relevant to Pokemon is going to be released in 2022.

It made Crown Tundra public knowledge for exactly 9 months before its release. In contrast, only eight months left in 2021, and there is no sign of the third DLC. Nintendo even had the right opportunity to announce the third DLC with the Pokemon's 25th-anniversary earlier this year, but there was no progress.

So, for fans, it is not easy to imagine why a third and last edition of Sword and Shield was suddenly abandoned. The two previous DLCs were both crucial and financially successful. For players, Buy Shiny Pokemon is also very crucial to play the game. Nintendo certainly knew that fans could well be happy to see Pokedex done. Nevertheless, inside the grand plan, Nintendo can still think that it's advisable not to remain on Sword and Shield for too much time. The cancellation of the third DLC may imply Nintendo is getting yourself ready for the 9th generation of Pokemon.