There will be some other minor upgrades

There will be some other minor upgrades


There will be some other minor upgrades, like new rocket trails, colors, arenas, and car customizations. Native party chat will also be introduced, meaning no more having to cue up on Skype. The update will also allow users to store up to 10 customizable car presets. This means that whenever users jump to a different computer, their neon green and pink custom car will be there waiting. Lastly, players will now be able to find or buy keys that can unlock rare items. Those items can also be traded to other players.

Psyonix has revealed that Rocket League's 'Tournaments Update' - which was recently tested out in a beta on PC - will be heading to Nintendo Switch on 3rd April.Besides the much-anticipated addition of the Tournaments feature, which will allow players to create and run their own tournaments without leaving the game, the update is set to introduce a number of "quality of life improvements". Perhaps most notably for Nintendo fans, this includes some performance and visual quality updates for the Switch version of the game.

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