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He is level 108 with 450HP, making it a little challenge to kill. Throughout the struggle, guards may enter the room and attack you. When he is dead, then talk to the Hostage, and climb out OSRS gold the window and run to the exit, with multiple level 35's ranging you. There can, occasionally, be up to 20 guards attacking youpersonally, so be cautious and fast. When you exit, you will be given a reward: Money, a Rune item, Runes, or even a Kandarin Shield, equivalent to Adamant, and will allow you to get to a place where 3 Hostage Guards are resting, to kill.

Drops( The critters will drop at precisely the exact same rate that they always do, and yes ring of riches will nonetheless affect drop rates) Bank (You may build a financial institution booth at the begginning of the dungeon.) Expertise (If you are patient enough I guess that is alright for experience, it would drive me insane though.)

Slayer (This will still count as a slayer task, but please note if you want to add a slayer monster into the dungeons you must have the right Slayer Level to add and kill the monster [Ex: 85 slayer to add and kill Abby Demons])

The Agility Clause: The reason you must have at least 20-70 agility is because you MUST add an agility trap in the begginning of the dungeon, this is because you don't want the monsters in your dungeon to escape and destroy your house. Also note you will Buy old school rs gold gain experience in agility equivalent to the level necessary to jump the snare multiplied by 10, but it is only going to give experience once per 5 minutes.