Though they might seem like a gimmick at first

Though they might seem like a gimmick at first


In order to avoid such situations, always check the usernames of the traders on the scam lists either on Steam or Reddit. If you see the name of the trader in one of those lists, it is better to avoid trading with that person.
These are just a few most important tips on how to do well in the new competitive season of Rocket League that starts today. Hopefully, the new ranked system will make the game better and not worse, but only time will show if this was a good decision or not.

Zag Toys has just released toy cars based on the popular Psyonix game Rocket League in Gamestop and Target. Though they might seem like a gimmick at first, these are really a throwback to pull back cars of the past -- such as the Hot Wheels line from the 1990s. However, unlike Hot Wheels and more like sticker collections or Pokémon cards, the cars are sold “blind” -- meaning you don’t know which ones you’ve got until you unpack the bag at home.

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