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I think that it would be nice to have OSRS gold some sort of box similar to the party torso but different in how it spreads items. Rather than placing the things in balloons to be popped in the party room, it must distribute these items to a random player that is currently online. The player wouldn't have to do any particular action or maintain any specific location to obtain these presents and the giveaway ought to be inter-world.

People who have received a product over 30k in value from either the party area or from a random present should have lower chances of receiving a random present for a week or so. When depositing in the box, it should provide you the choice to to either be a named or anonymous gift giver.

The man receiving the thing should get some sort of sound notification as well as a message within their game chat window that tells him or her that she's received a present from X individual (if the gift giver picked to be termed ). People who do not need to receive presents for some reason ought to have the ability to turn off the ability to receive gifts at Buy 2007 runescape gold precisely the same tab as accept aid. The individual giving the presents should likewise be able to see who received what gift.