Here Are 12 Easy Ways to Book Wedding Banquet Halls in Delhi

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It is often the choice of place that will determine the date of your wedding and launch the official start of preparations. Between his desires, his budget and his Pinterest boards, how to sort and where to start to choose the place of reception of his wedding ? Here are my little tips to help you.

Start by defining the wedding style you want. Rather rural, urban, industrial, elegant, traditional, depending on this, you will direct your research towards the wedding venues in Delhi that will best meet your expectations. A renovated barn, a hotel in the heart of the city, a rehabilitated loft, or a listed castle, the reception venue sets the tone for your day. And if you have a simple and bucolic wedding in mind, you might as well immediately eliminate from your list the private mansion-gilding-and-marble-fireplace option.


There are so many factors to decide your budget. Define from the outset the maximum envelope that you can devote to your wedding, and to the rental of your wedding venues. No need to start dreaming about a charming Provencal farmhouse that can be privatized in good amount for this position.


How many guests will you have? Even this figure will not be final until the week before your wedding, many places, only host small receptions of a hundred people. Beyond that, you may need to rent a tent, and therefore increase your budget.


In which region do you want to get married? Is this where you live? If you have planned a Catholic wedding but you do not live in the region, find out about the possibility of celebrating your union in a parish other than your own. Indeed, some refuse the marriages of external couples choosing a church for reasons more geographical than spiritual. In the same way, you cannot unite civilly only in your town hall of residence, or on exemption in the town hall of a commune where one of your close relations (generally one of your parents) resides.


Does the place require the use of certain professionals? Before falling for a beautiful place, think about asking if certain providers are taxed. Catering, DJ, furniture rental, these points can really make a difference when you are looking for the perfect place. And above all, do not sign if one of these providers does not suit you.


Think about the additional costs. Is furniture such as tables, buffets or chairs included in the rental? Will you have to provide a supplement for a caretaker, heating, cloakroom? When you go in search of the ideal place, make a list of all these points, and the associated costs for each, so you can objectively compare each place and make your choice with confidence.


Is the place easily accessible, or is it well served by transport? If some of your guests come from far away, you may need to plan what to transport them, a nearby car rental agency, taxis or a friend to pick them up in the countryside.


Don't forget the technical questions. Does the room have enough amperage to support the ovens in the kitchen, the lights, and the DJ's equipment? The current that jumps because the chef plugged in a coffee maker at the same time as the DJ turned on his light spots, does that mean anything to you? I do. In the same genre, are charges such as water and electricity included in the rental package? Is there access for people in wheelchairs? Sufficient toilets etc?


Does the place have rooms to accommodate your guests? If yes how much, and is it included in the wedding package? If not, can the place recommend a list of nearby hotels and bed and breakfasts?


If you have few guests, go off the beaten track! Why not, for example, rent a pretty villa for a week, and get married like that in the garden under the plane trees…


You want to decorate your room. Remember to ask the event booking owner if the place will be accessible the day before your wedding. If it is only accessible on the morning of D-Day, make sure that someone you trust can take care of setting up all the little details for you. Don't forget that day, you will have to delegate to profit!


Always on the decoration side, before you start shopping, do not forget to ask the manager of your room what it is or is not possible to do. It would be a shame to plan a sky of lanterns when no hanging is possible on the ceiling, or to plan an entry of the bride and groom with spark sticks, when the caterer would not have been notified. And in the same way, one does not launch Thai lanterns without having asked for an authorization at the place, at the town hall, and made a little call to the firefighters in case.

  1. TRUST

As with any other professional who will accompany you on Wedding day, you must have confidence in your place of reception. So if when you meet him, you have the slightest doubt, run away. Your marriage is important; you must feel comfortable with the team that will surround you.

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