Washer Motor Is the Heart of Washing Machine

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The washer motor is the heart of the washing machine like a human heart.


Housework is a big "difficult problem" that plagues many people in daily life. Although daily housework does not consume too much energy, it has taken a long time to accumulate. As one of the small chores of household chores, the washing machine has become an "artifact" in the home. Even in the winter, you can do your job cleaning tasks with due diligence. The arrival of summer makes the washing process of clothes more frequent. Many consumers who want to change their washing machines often don't buy the right products because they don't know what to pay attention to. Today, Xiaobian will take you to see how to buy a washing machine based on washer motor.

The washer motor is the heart of the washing machine like a human heart. In the working state, the washer motor runs to drive the rotation of the inner cylinder. As the power source of the washing machine, the quality of the washer motor directly affects the washing function of the washing machine.

Washer motors are mainly divided into fixed frequency and frequency conversion, which seems to be similar to our common air conditioners. As the name implies, fixed frequency refers to the fixed rotation frequency of the motor, and the frequency conversion means that the rotation frequency can be changed after the washer motor is equipped with the commutator.

In comparison, the fixed-frequency motor can only be operated at a certain speed because it cannot be turned, or it can be stopped by the electric machine to achieve the purpose of deceleration, but in this process, power resources are wasted. After the commutator is added, the washer motor can adjust the speed by adjusting the voltage. Under such motor operation, the user can change the washing speed or the dehydration speed at any time.

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