How do I reset the password of my Outlook account?

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To Reset Outlook Password, you should go to where you can enter the password
recovery details, verify your identity, and set a new password.

In some unfortunate circumstances, many people tend to forget the password of their email accounts or social media accounts and Outlook is no exception here. Well, Outlook is a great email client that allows you to link your accounts with other email clients through the use of POP3 and IMAP settings. However, during this process, you are asked to enter your password as well. Therefore, you should know your password. In case you do not remember your password, then you should go on with the reset Outlook password immediately.

In case you do not know how to reset Outlook password, then you may refer to the section given below. This would help you to regain access to your Outlook account so that you can easily carry out the functions related to the same.

Reset Outlook password from the Microsoft website

Using the process given below, you can easily reset the forgotten password of your Outlook account. Here is how the process goes:

1. First of all, go to

2. After that, tap on the “Sign In” option on the main screen

3. Then, you should enter your Outlook email account address

4. And, then tap on the “Next” option

5. Followed by this, click on the “Forgot my password” option and click “Next”

6. Choose the reason why you can’t sign in

7. Here, you should choose “I forgot my password” and choose “Next”

8. Now, enter the associated phone number or email address

9. Then, type the characters you see on your screen and click “Next”

10. Now, choose one of the account verification methods

11. Then, tap on the “Send code” button and enter the received code

12. You can now set up a new password and click “Next”


This is how you can easily Reset Outlook Password without facing any hurdle. We hope that you have well understood how the process goes so that the next time you forget your password, you can reset it without thinking much. For more info you can visit us to our website at