Journey through the WPS feature on Netgear Router

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup that allows you to join in a secure Wi-Fi network without choosing a network name or without even entering a password. Netgear routers connect devices that come within other network connections by forwarding several data packets among them.


This data is entitled to be passed along devices via the internet and ensures that the data doesn’t get lost in between the home network but actually reach the correct destination. However, with a WPS button on Netgear router, the process becomes extremely facile. So, let’s move on and journey through the process.

The setup and adding of devices

Let’s begin with setting up your router to connect to a device for the WPS to work:

  1. Unplug your modem and turn off the power.
  2. Attach a yellow Ethernet cable to your modem (one end).
  3. Attach to the Internet port on your router (another end).
  4. Plug your modem into a power source and turn it on.
  5. Attach your router to the power adapter.
  6. Ensure plugging it into an outlet.
  7. Wait for the LED to turn green (solid).
  8. Link your router to a computer and launch a browser.

Note: Wait for approximately (or at least) 2 minutes, whenever required.

The WPS method of connection

Netgear calls it the “Push N Connect” method that you have to undergo after your Netgear router login:

  1. Hit the WPS button on Netgear router and wait.
  2. Now move to hit the WPS Button on the client device.

Note: Once the device is connected repeat the process to add as many devices as you’d like. And you can also refer to the WPS instruction manual that came with your wireless device.


Netgear routers have been very much appreciated for their out-of-the-crowd features. It enables devices from other networks to connect to a device by simply sending out data packets, which can be passed along with the help of the Internet. And the WPS button on Netgear router adds to the experience by enabling devices to connect to protected Wi-Fi networks without entering a specific network name or password. Mentioned above are the steps you’d need to set up your router to add devices and to connect your device to the network.