4 Top Destinations To Spend Your Summer Vacation in India

Get here list of 4 Top Destinations To Spend Your Summer Vacation in India. I am sharing world popular Destinations To Spend Your Summer Holidays.


1) Darjeeling

The smell of nice teas and cool air, which touch our face and close of eyes with beautiful smile is awesome moments of trip of Darjeeling which is situated at West Bengal where many people like to come there with the members of family and friends of collages where nice sites with great green vegetation and wonderful spots for trekking for capture the beautiful snaps of different places around the forests and hilly areas. There is the famous park with beautiful gardening and nice sculptures of armies to  represent like memorial where strolling is the nice choice for visitors. Most-participated adventure is toy-train in which people like to see great scenaries of waterfalls and forests area which is very exciting point of this destination.

2) Shimla

Shimla is the lovely destination which is the nice city of hilly areas of Himachal Pradesh where people like to visit Rajkot to Manali with their loved-ones groups of family members and friends where they like to stroll around the markets of Shimla and like to capture the different colours of boxes which are the buildings of this place from the high peak of the hills of Shimla. The sea of ancient stories of ancient buildings and the night life of this place is very awesome like the diamonds spread everywhere with different kinds of scattering of colours of lights. Enjoying the heights of great hills people like to join the hilly railways for capturing nice memories of this place.

3) Pelling

Top view of mountains and peaks of golden-fall is the nice and amazing shot of this destination which is situated at west Sikkim where several people like to sink in their dreams of different kinds of imagines related to this place with their members of family and friends of collages where they like to climb on snowy hills with the help of trekking pole. The length of sensor bridge and the level of height is great where people like to stop there for nice sailfish. flying moment in helicopters for wandering and want to see the scenarios of this place is most exciting adventure of this place.

4) Coorg

The hilly areas covered with light mist while sun-rising, which is very beautiful scenes of the destination of Coorg which is situated at Karnataka where several people like to visit there with family members and friends. The flowing boats through the air and nice spots for capturing the animals which are nearer at banks of Bheemeshwari river. Fun with natural showers of waterfalls which is awesome and great wetting with dears with lots of hooting moments. The smell of flowers and dyes from the temples for devotional practices and meditate on their lovely souls.