NBA 2K20: Do you think about the unique Kobe Bryant?

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In the NBA 2K community, there are talented modifiers. They can create unexpected player rendering effects, which are better than those purchased with NBA 2K20 MT in the game store. There are some top-level modders, such as guys like Shuajota and Arteezy. They teamed up to complete the latest mod production of the late Kobe Bryant.

The Kobe version produced by Arteezy is perfect in facial hair, skin marks and even the position of the eyelids, which is very similar to the image of the legendary Kobe in recent years. Of course Shuajota is not to be outdone. The original model of Kobe Bryant has always been a version that is difficult to accurately propose in 2K. The details will be introduced in detail next.

On the left side of the 2K rendering is the original Kobe model, while the focus of Shuajota is on the right side. When you see the image on the right (the Lakers Kobe scored 81 points against the Toronto Raptors), you may have the urge to play 2K immediately. So how do you get this version of Kobe Bryant? I'm sorry to tell you that currently only these hyper-real mods are supported on PCs and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are not supported for now. Downloading these image files requires a process and eventually replaces them with the files in the backend folder stored on your PC. To put it bluntly, players are more inclined to play games on PCs with extra layers. If you are both interested and have information, then take some steps to obtain Kobe Bryant for the NBA 2K20 PC version. For details, please see the full tutorial provided by Shuajota himself.

So who exactly is Shuajota? He greatly created and shared this work. On the NLSC platform, many top refitters work and develop projects together. But like any art work, talented people are everywhere. Obviously, Shuajota is one of the best people in this field, and he works with refitters from all over the world. As the players gradually adapted to the world of modification, I have to say that the work of Shuajota and R4zor brought him the opportunity to work directly with 2K.

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