This season's POE caused the existence of "nerf" due to its too strong s****s

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The updated Delirium League and POE Currency have been added to the new version of Path Of Exile. Many players have already achieved the highest level of rewards. Game engineers must make further improvements to the stability of the game. In response to this situation, Path Of Exile released the corresponding patch at the beginning of this month. The purpose of this patch is to make major changes to the skills of pioneers. However, this caused an uproar in the game, and the game team also tried to avoid this error again. The correct construction and game cost players a lot of time and effort. The update of the version means that players will struggle for the free build of the version.

However, the developer of "Grinding Gear Games" recently published an article on the POE forum. The article believes that many signs are considered to be auras, so the existence of this nerf is very necessary. So where can it be used? In Path of Exile, cluster jewels are used by Delirium League to add up to 281 passive skills to it, which is definitely not easy to do. The purposeful pioneer is one of these new passive skills. The halo effect therefore increases the skill ability by 10%, depending on each Messenger you use. The official rhetoric is that this skill is always strong, but the game team is negative about its many unnecessary interactions.

So what exactly caused this to happen? On the surface, skills only have the effect of strengthening the aura of skills, but in fact everything that is regarded as a sign has been strengthened, and not a few. Therefore, the developers say "Path of Exile has the most powerful mechanism", and the purposeful pioneer has become the most powerful choice in the game. The changes brought about are adjustments to ensure that one of the skill auras, not every aura, grows.

Although most players have received feedback, the change of the timer is still a permanent cure. The game team feels sorry. So why should we intervene? In fact, the original intention of the game engineers is not to make any changes to the timer, just to prevent the building from being changed during the Path of Exile season. With extremely powerful skills can clear all needs. Next season will appear because of nerf. But due to the pandemic virus, they can only be forced to work from home. This is the key reason why the update was delayed.

At the end of this article, the developers apologize for the inconvenience. Please note that many POE players are wasting a lot of POE Currency. You'd better plan ahead for such situations so as not to happen again next time. By the way, if you want to buy more POE Trade Currency, you can find all kinds of POE Orbs you want at the service there is better, the price is lower, and the security is also safe. Among the 15 best MMO and MMORPG games that can be played, Path Of Exile is still the best choice. Looking forward to your letter, we will do a better job of ourselves.