Expensive Equipment Of Flat Screen Printer Factory

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If you are using an open rotary printer, another factor that must be considered is the printing order.

If you are using an open rotary printer, another factor that must be considered is the printing order. Do you print the digital part of the design first, or should you start with the part of the design that you want to use rotary printing? Let's take a flower with a black background as an example. Do you print the flowers first or start from the background?

The advantage of starting to print flowers digitally is that the black background of the rotating print provides coverage. This means you can print the flower numbers larger and then print the background on them with a black screen. This way you won’t have any registration issues. But even with the slightest mismatch between the screen design and digital printing, registration problems can occur after ten or hundreds of screen rotations. So you need an operator to fine-tune the rotary printing part to maintain registration.

Another consideration is that the wet digital floral print is in physical contact with the screen, which may cause tailing or ghosting in the print, because part of the floral image will stick to the screen and be printed back to the fabric the next time the screen is rotated.

In order to avoid these negative effects, one can argue that the first thing to do is to start with the rotating screen. The digital station does not touch the wet roll transfer fabric, so there is no danger of smearing or ghosting. The registration can be arranged by using the camera to find the empty flower space in the design, and then adjust the digital printing pattern accordingly. This is technically feasible, but requires additional cameras and considerable computer power, because the adjustment of the digital file (when and exactly which droplet is triggered) must be done "on the fly." In a single-pass digital printer with hundreds of print heads, each print head has more than 2.000 nozzles, and each nozzle ejects 20-30.000 ink droplets per second. This is an instantaneous calculation. Therefore, this printer of Flat Screen Printer Factory will become more expensive.