How to combat misinformation available online that can harm you?

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McAfee subscription helps you to combat misinformation available online that can harm you and your device.

To find out relevant information over digital platforms has been a heavy task since the beginning. On our mobile screen, we see headlines when we wake up and even our routers can perform the difficult task via voice. Nowadays we can search for relevant information with quick search and send the relevant results to our social groups. As there are many information providers there are many fraud information providers who share fake and misinformation.


Sometimes you also visit online platforms to search for the facts and latest updates and you face some misleading facts that can hamper your brain and devices. Hence, if you are searching for the latest updates and facts about some software it is a great time to brush up your digital hygienes along with the best practices to combat such misinformation available online that involves threats. If you have something specific to ask related to McAfee Antivirus, then visit


Fake news available online

We all wish to stay updated on the worldwide trends, announcements even it’s the terms of elections. Such events create an opportunity for scammers to react. There are many malicious promises that are made via phishing scams that attempt to confuse the customers to credit card frauds and other payment schemes. It is strongly recommended to visit some authentic website for information or download McAfee antivirus to block such phishing emails and prompts.


Fraudulent chain mail

It is not only important to validate the personal newsfeed posted by you but also you should hold your social networks to the security intact standards. There is certainly fake news that takes the shape of social grapevine and people can share such misleading information so it is very much important to verify the news by visiting the authentic sources. Moreover, you can download McAfee to block such unauthentic sources.


Dear Sir/Madam

There are certain phishing scams that force the public to panic and there are many spoofed emails or the text messages that claim to be from authentic bodies and prompt you to react on an urgent basis. Such notices and emails are sometimes easy to be spotted by they are very sensitive. Just block such emails from that comes disguise in the face of genuine websites.


Charity imposters

The cybercriminals take extra advantage of this situation the cyber scammers have stood up fake charity sites and prompt you to donate some generous amount of money to the website and the victims get into the trap and donate some amount of money to the website. So, you can always block such malicious websites by downloading McAfee software and block each of the harmful contents.


How to protect yourself and your data from misinformation from malicious websites?

Here are some of the tips and tools that you can use to stay alert from the misinformation:

  • You need to practice caution when you take action on the phishing emails, texts, and phone calls.
  • You are recommended to use a free browsing extension such as McAfee Web advisor that comes up with the website reputation ratings.
  • Avoid any website that has suspicious URLs or other malicious websites that look awful together.
  • Just check everything along with authentic new sources to make sure you do not have fake pieces of information.
  • Download McAfee identity theft protection services that are included such as social media monitoring that help you to stay alert.
  • Use McAfee Parental controls and keep timely updates on kid’s screen that will help you to limit the time on certain applications.
  • You can consider getting a comprehensive security suite such as  McAfee.


To conclude:

Here, McAfee subscription helps you to combat misinformation available online that can harm you and your device. However, if you have any related queries to the topic then visit McAfee's official website. We also recommend you to download McAfee security from the website and block such phishing websites and emails to avoid and misinformation to be spread across the globe. You are the only in charge to take a preventive measure for blocking such malicious contents to infect you.