Rocket League Credits server is down

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Rocket League Credits server is down

If you're reading this, there is a good chance that you're here, because there is a rocket League server. It looks like a rocket and rocket League Pass update strain due to go live, the Rockets the league PS4 server can not handle, they have their own collapse. Here is what happened, "Error and server communication rocket League" appears, whether it affect any other console or service, if there's anything you can do to solve it. Spoilers: I hope you have a very good book, looking through.

Unfortunately, writing, and they certainly yes. This will stick in the craw of many zealous attempts to pass a rocket, but as  Rocket League Credits server is down, there is no way you can now use the rocket passes, at least prompt the Xbox version of the game came in the PS4.Reports Reddit is not affected, now, the only rocket federation server down one side are those of Sony. Nintendo switch and the PC version is currently also working.

There is no maintenance plan, and there is no reason why the federation server rocket will fall. Looks like there is a large group of players dove into the game server stress at a single time has proven much.For now, there is no fixed rocket federation server error message that you are currently facing, however, in the future, it is always wise to check official channels such as rocket League Twitter, in order to ensure the maintenance of any potential problems or plan does not exist. In this case, it seems to be the case of server overload, hoping to rectifie d sooner rather than later.