Some ways to make Pokemon Sword and Shield more difficult

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Pokemon games are loved by many fans all over the world, but they usually think that the game is not difficult. Among them, Sword and Shield is a very relaxing game in the eyes of fans. At the same time, more players like to Buy Pokemon. However, through certain self-imposed rules, players can make their Sword and Shield game more challenging. Here are several options for you to select.

Limited offense Moves
Useful move sets are valuable tools for a playthrough. If players want to make Sword and Shield more difficult, an exciting way is to limit the number of attack actions their Pokemon can learn. For example, if a Pokemon only knows two attack actions, the player must be more careful when fighting. Coverage moves are important, and the lack of them will make Pokemon less feasible. If the type matchup is unfavorable, this will make each battle more challenging.

Time limit
The time limit rule can be implemented in a variety of ways. Some possible methods are for the player to only allow themselves to advance through certain routes in a certain time, catch the Pokemon before the story advances, or complete the entire game, and reset if the goal is not reached.

Players need to prioritize speed and ignoring many Pokemon that are useful to their team. The strategy must be used because many players' Pokemon may be underestimated when entering important battles. This will be a very challenging and interesting new way to play.

Do not use healing items
In tough battles, healing items can be a life-saving straw. If players are not allowed to use healing items, whether in battle or not, they must consider other strategies. The latter will be much more difficult, causing players to completely rely on the Pokemon Center.

However, since the player's Pokemon is healed between each battle in the Champion Cup, the implementation of this rule is much easier than in many previous games. Although it is feasible, it is still more challenging, especially when combined with other rules.

Nature hunting
Although this method does not make the game itself more difficult, it makes the ability to find Pokemon effectively more challenging. There are 25 natures available in Sword and Shield, except for 5 attributes that can increase one attribute while reducing another attribute. Players can understand its nature only after capturing a Pokemon.

If players want to increase the difficulty of finding Pokemon to use, they can allow themselves to only use Pokemon with specific properties. Although players can hunt naturally as they wish, this makes finding available pocket monsters even more tedious, which means that players may only hunt specific Pokemon naturally to save time.

Through the above methods, fans can try it to make your Sword and Shield more interesting and challenging. If you don't want to nature hunting Pokemon, PKMBuy is a good place to Buy 6IV Shiny Ditto.