How to make a cherry speaker in Animal Crossing New Horizons

One of the magical places where animals travel through New Horizons is the possibility of various DIYs. This time I will teach you how to make cherry speakers.



One of the magical places where animals travel through New Horizons is the possibility of various DIYs. This time I will teach you how to make cherry speakers.

According to users, the speakers will play the entire Animal Crossing: New Horizons original soundtrack. Animal Crossing New Horizons has a custom theme song, and players can design the song to play on the island. The speakers have similar functions. Animal Crossing is a relaxing and enjoyable game as a whole. Cheerful music can create a happy island atmosphere. If you want to fill the island with music, you need to use cherry speakers. This is also conducive to improving the island level.

Information about Cherry speakers can also be queried on the multimedia terminal at the service counter of the Civic Center. Open the multimedia terminal and select the Nook Shopping service. A large number of special products will be displayed here. Special items will also be updated regularly. You can seize the opportunity to browse your favorite items and add a shopping cart to choose to buy. If the bells account is insufficient, you can choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells. If you miss Special Goods, you will not be able to purchase them again. To make your island more refined, Special Goods are necessary. In addition to buying new items, you can also view the catalogs of acquired furniture, the catalogs of clothing items, and the catalogs of wallpapers and floors that have been acquired. If you are only looking for an item, you can directly use the search function. You can find the corresponding item by entering a keyword.

Open the special product catalog, press the buttons L and R to switch between Daily Selection, Promotion, and Seasonal. Browse all items, the left side is the dynamic picture of the item, and the right side will show the method of obtaining the item. There are two ways to obtain it. One display is bells payment. You can purchase directly using the account bells. Each person can only order up to 5 items per day. Another prompt will show the words Not for Sale. Not for sale is not available for ordering, and it needs to be obtained after the player completes the task. The type of objects in the game of the cherry broadcast speaker belongs to furniture. If you want to synthesize it, you need the following materials: cherry*10, iron ore*2.

Buy ACNH Bells

Cherries can be obtained from cherry trees on the island, and three cherries can be obtained from one cherry tree. If you don't have a cherry tree, you can go to the Nook store to buy it, and the cherries will be on the shelves. You can buy up to 5 cherries at a time. 10 cherries need 2 operations to complete. Iron ore can be obtained by cutting stones with an ax. Iron ore is one of the items that are very easy to obtain. The DIY recipe of Cherry Speaker was given to the player by Tom Nook after the player provided the new villager with a housing kit. With the expansion of the player's island, the DIY recipe of the cherry speaker is in hand.

400 bells of a cherry. Ten cherries require 4000 bells. Bells are very important throughout the game. If you want safe and reliable bells buying platform, you can come to like me. Here we can all buy ACNH Bells with the least amount of money. All the materials are ready, and the cherry speaker can play music in the game. Let's dance to the music together!