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Before I go see Dr. Sleep, there is some important information I want you to know. If you are as obsessed with "The Shining" as I am, you already know this. Stephen King hated Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining". He hated it because Kubrick wasn't faithful to the original story, but of course, not everyone agreed with him. You can watch online and download your favorite movies at 7starhd for free So director Mike Flanagan set himself the difficult task of reconciling the differences between the two in his adaptation of Doctor Sleep. How do you satisfy two groups of people (book and movie) who see the story differently? Miraculously, Flanagan has managed to do this, and "Dr. Sleep" will make both fans of the book and the movie smile.

Doctor Sleep is a journey to fight the demons

It takes a good foundation to satisfy fans of both. There are enough great performances to get you hooked on the characters before you leave the nostalgia of "The Shining" behind. Ewan McGregor gives an excellent performance as Danny Torrance, a grown man who has taken over from his father, Jack Torrance, whose life was ruined by alcohol and repressed trauma. His story in Doctor Sleep is a journey to fight the demons that have followed him to the other side of the Overlook Hotel.

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Her character is probably the most sinister

With Danny is Abram Stone (Kylie Curran), a girl with very powerful and brilliant powers who is very much targeted by a rival group, the True Knots, led by Hat Rose (Rebecca Ferguson). Her character is probably the most sinister and fleshed-out villain we've seen this year, and Ferguson did a great job with the other members of True Knot. Spending a lot of time with this group allows you to understand everything about them, their current situation, what they want, and why they want it. All of these factors combine to make the villain a threat to the protagonist and easy to root for.

 A movie about the collision of worlds

In this film, I like the fact that Abram is pursuing how far she can shine with her talent. We see early on that her power to shine is stronger than anyone else's. In "The Shining," we only see a fraction of what Danny can do, but in "Doctor Sleep," we see various applications of "The Shining," such as seeing through other people's eyes, seeing the past, and creating illusions. Since "Doctor Sleep" and the movie "The Shining" are contradictory, I thought there might be some strange elements, but these uses of "The Shining" are very believable for a movie about the collision of worlds.

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Use of alcohol to combat the spirit

It also delves more deeply into the overarching theme of alcoholism. I've already talked about Danny's use of alcohol to combat the spirit of the Overlook, but Dr. Sleep looks at the more subtle aspects of alcohol and captures the reality of recovering alcoholics. In the second half, alcohol is called a "drug" and is said to be the key to being possessed by the spirit of the Overlook, suggesting a kind of lore quest.

Some scenes are not only hard to watch

Doctor Sleep" differed from "The Shining" in its presentation of atmosphere, and there was a sense that it was becoming an independent work. The Shining" was based on suspense, forcing the audience to think about the future implied by supernatural images. The atmosphere in "Doctor Sleep" is even more brutal, especially in "The True Knot". Some scenes are not only hard to watch, but also extremely difficult to listen to. Even though I am usually strong in difficult scenes, some scenes made me uneasy to watch.

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The biggest downside of the movie

The biggest downside of the movie is that while it doesn't deviate much from the book or The Shining, the action is so out of place in certain scenes that it detracts from the viewing experience and the current tone established along the way.

When Danny returns to the Overlook Hotel

I suppose the most interesting question now is to what extent the film is attracting people with its nostalgia. This is because many nostalgic scenes remind us of the famous scenes and elements that Kubrick created. However, they can be forgiven for how cleverly they are set up. The climax, when Danny returns to the Overlook Hotel, has many of them, but for two-thirds of the film, one or two are barely touched upon. Explore 9xmovies to watch everything related to entertainment. I think this is where Mike Flanagan shows his skill. Because he moves the story along slowly, introducing unfamiliar characters and then familiar ones. However, this nostalgic overkill seems to be unbearable for some people and is still highly criticized. What do you think I've done before writing this review? I started thinking about theories and interpretations and searching for answers in the same way that I searched for answers in The Shining. Doctor Three.