Progress of the "NBA 2K21" series

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Over the years, "2K Sports" has developed some of the best sports video game experiences in its basketball franchise "NBA 2K". The latest "NBA 2K21" series has improved gameplay and display, but the game is too close to the formula used in the past, causing people to worry about where NBA 2K21 MT comes from.

Like many other sports games, "2K21" lacks the major innovations that set its predecessor apart. The biggest attraction of the annual sports video game is that gamers can compete with the team's new lineup and jerseys. Three months after the usual end, the NBA is still playing the 2019-2020 season, "2K21" has no appeal. Almost everything about players and teams is the same as in the previous issue. Affected by this setback, "2K21" needs to make major changes from the jump to determine its identity.

Fortunately, the game avoided a complete disaster. ‘2K21’ is mainly for safety and has made minor adjustments to various functions.

The player's movements have been improved and it feels smoother than ever. Dribbling feels more technical and creative. However, lateral movement can sometimes be slow. I also found myself trapped between players trying to keep the ball in control.

Although there are many similarities in graphics with last year's "2K20", the visual effects of 2K Sports are still ahead of the competition. For some players, the face scan of the game looks very accurate. However, it seems that 2K has reached the peak of graphics on the current version of the console, and as the series leap to PS5 and Xbox Series X, the game may be even more impressive.

The most improved and changed game mode in the "2K21" game is "MyTeam". Card collection games can sometimes become monotonous, but this year’s improvement work will try to make it as interesting and meaningful as possible. The game mode now has a seasonal experience, players can complete new tasks and get new rewards every month. It is still disappointing that when there is almost no change in one game mode, so many improvements are seen in only one game mode, especially because "MyTeam" is greatly favored in microtransactions.

"2K21" itself is an excellent and interesting basketball game. However, this is not a step in the right direction. For the franchise that has always been the pinnacle of sports video games, the lack of innovation in the past few years is worrying. The franchise rights of other sports games, such as EA's "Madden NFL" series, have become hungry and lazy. Unless 2K21 MT For Sale trend changes, 2K will also find itself in this category.