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If you recently gotten bad or surprising news about your MRI scan, you may be confused. Radiology second opinion is helpful and can give you peace of mind.

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If you’ve recently gotten bad or surprising news about your MRI scan, you may be confused. You might also be wondering if your results can be trusted. And how you would know if you need to move ahead with other treatments. Well, as with many things in life, a radiology second opinion is helpful and can give you peace of mind. 


Where to get a radiology second opinion?


You can get a doctor’s opinion on MRI with help of an Second Opinion app. Just attach your MRI report and request consulting for expert physicians. The team will confirm your online appointment with the prime doctor. And you can ask any questions to the specialist about your current health condition.


In this app, they have 50+ specialists in various departments. Don’t afraid of losing your personal data. This app follows a complete abide by privacy laws and is run by Devadoss multispeciality hospital, Madurai.


Why radiologist is important


Basically, all a neurologist can “see “ is the effects of injury to the nervous system, changes in gait, muscle tension abnormalities, and history of previous events. From this, he can make an educated guess as to the diagnosis.


Unfortunately, the same signs may be caused by other pathology. Thanks to the wonders of computerised X-Ray devices (CAT scans) and NMR the radiologist can find the plaques of damage in the spinal cord and brain to give a definitive diagnosis.


Radiologist gives a detailed report to the doctor


A doctor specialising in a particular field (like an orthopedist or an ENT or a neurosurgeon or a urologist) orders a CT scan. Once CT releases the images to PACS the radiologist reads the entire scan 1000s upon 1000s of images. The radiologist looks at everything and comments on everything. Say the scan ordered by the urologist for kidney stones shows stones but there’s also a pancreatic cyst or an aortic aneurysm or a metastatic lesion in a bone.


The radiologist will comment on all problems in all organs and bones etc. This radiology second opinion will go to the urologist when finalized. This helps them to give the best treatment for their patients and cure their health problem at right time.