Treat Erectile Dysfunction With fildena purple 100mg

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Fildena 100, also known as the Purple Triangle Pill, is an oral medication that helps to increase blood flow to the penis and induces an erection that can last up to four hours. Though it was originally developed to treat pulmonary hypertension, it is used most often for sexual stimulation in men. However, it can cause some side effects. If you have any other heart or kidney conditions, you should tell your doctor before starting to take this medicine.

People who are at risk for heart issues should be careful when using Fildena. If you have had a recent stroke, or have experienced respiratory failure or intense arrhythmia, you should not take this medication. Furthermore, you should consult with your doctor before undergoing any dental procedure. If you are not sure whether Fildena is right for you, make sure to consult your primary care provider for guidance. If you are taking this medication for a medical condition, it can cause a severe reaction.

Fildena 120mg should be taken as directed by your physician. It should be taken once a day, usually an hour before sex. If you do not remember to take your medication, do not worry. It is usually safe to take it for life. A doctor will prescribe the right dosage for you. If you don't feel any improvement after the first few weeks, contact your doctor. You may be required to change the medicine.