The best Lost Ark Deathblade build: S****s and leveling

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The Deathblade's typical skills are mostly focused upon offensive attacks. Because you aren't able to switch between her double daggers and longsword at will, the choice of skills can be used to concentrate upon one weapon option or Lost Ark Boosting the other , if feel you have a strong preference.

There's a limit to how much you can customise every Lost Ark character build until they reach level 50 and you gain access to final game Engravings and Awakening skills (see more below). In the meantime the path each character takes will be relatively linear and you'll have the option of beginning building a structure which you prefer by choosing where to focus on their progression in skill and sticking with your choices as you earn points for advancing.

Lost Ark characters start out with an adequate set of early-game abilities, and new abilities are released fairly often as you progress through the first 20 or so levels of character. Acquiring XP and levelling up earns you points of skill that you can spend on improving skills and getting "tripods". Tripods add abilities that are accessible at levels 4, 7, and 10; utilizing one can give that ability a new purpose. Every tripod comes with three options to select from.

The best Lost Ark Deathblade build: Engravings

When an Lost Ark character reaches Level 50, they are able to apply Engravings to the character. Engravings form part of Lost Ark's final game content they allow you to apply different buffs as well as boosts to customise the character's gear a bit more. Apart from the general engravings available to any character, every class includes the option of having two "class bonuses" engravings exclusive to them. Effectively, they allow you to buy Lost Ark Gold choose a specific subclass to focus on.