How to Store Outdoor Furniture Over the Winter

Outdoor Lounge Set is very durable, long lasting and weather proof, all thanks to the coming of the synthetic rattan made from high quality HDPE.


Outdoor Lounge Set is very durable, long lasting and weather proof, all thanks to the coming of the synthetic rattan made from high quality HDPE. Winter, summer, and spring – the rattan furniture stays new forever, bravely facing the vagaries of nature. However, a little care during winters can further keep it pristine and fresh thus enhancing the life further. So, here is a rundown of all those tips that you can try to enhance the longevity of your rattan outdoor furniture.

Clean it

All wooden furniture will appreciate a good clean once a year to remove dirt, algae, bird droppings and lichens. If you’re leaving your wooden furniture outside over winter, you might think it’s not worth doing any cleaning during the wetter months but dirt actually holds onto extra moisture. This means that dirty furniture will stay damper all season long and be more susceptible to decay than clean furniture, which gets the chance to dry out on sunnier days.

Even if you’re going to be storing your wooden furniture in a shed or garage, cleaning it first will make sure that it stays nicely dry while in storage, and prevents dirt from drying into the wood.

Coat Your Patio Furniture Before Winter

Giving your furniture a protective coating will ensure that it looks fantastic when you take it out of the garage next spring. For example, a thin coat of simple car wax will provide a great deal of protection for your plastic and aluminum furniture pieces. Paste wax is the best product of choice of wicker. As for metal, you should first treat any rust spots and then apply silicone sealant.

Cover Your Patio Furniture Before Winter

The best protection for outdoor furniture comes in the form of various covers. Even if you have a garage or shed, the space of which is not occupied by gardening equipment and tools, you will do well to acquire some cover for your furniture. The best part is that cover product come in a large variety of shapes and sizes, ideal for storing indoors, as well as outdoors.

store patio furniture in the winter

Small scale furniture that can collapse or stack is the easiest to store. Remove the cushions and store them in a plastic bin or bag with a tight closure so rodents cannot access. Furniture covers will help protect outdoor furniture from the elements when outside as well as dust when stored indoors. You can purchase pre-fitted covers or use plastic tarps secured with bungee cords to help repel moisture, debris and dust.

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