How to troubleshoot possible AVG activation issues?

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AVG antivirus is the most trusted and unmistakable brand among another antivirus.

In today's blog-post we will try to find probable reasons ad solutions to get rid of any error or problem that you might be experiencing while activating your AVG subscription at Recently, many AVG users have come up with the query that they could not activate their product due to some or other reasons. But, no matter what the reason is, activating your subscription right on time is what is all needed.

So, without further ado, let's find out what is causing the main reason behind the problem.

Possible reasons behind AVG activation issues

  • The most obvious as well as the common mistake made at the users' end is mistyping of the activation code.
  • Navigating to the incorrect URL other than for the activation purpose.
  • Somebody has already used your AVG product key.
  • You have not paid for the product renewal.
  • you are using the incorrect account for the login.
  • You forgot to redeem your product key.

Methods to solve the AVG activation issues

AVG users are suggested to try these solutions one-by-one. After performing each solution, you must check if you could activate your product or not.

Method 1: get your hands on the correct product key 

For fixing activation issues, you must retrieve the correct product key. To accomplish this task, you must go to the official website and then log in to your account. From there, you can copy the activation code and directly paste it into the activation panel.

Method 2: use the correct URL to activate your product

At times, users might mistakenly navigate to an incorrect activation page which may result in unavoidable errors. For a hassle-free activation, the correct URL is where you just need to enter your activation code correctly in order to have the product on your device.

Method 3: reinstall your product

If nothing helps, uninstall and reinstall your AVG product once again and make sure you remove the remnants of failed AVG activation files.


After reading this blog-post, you must have understood why you are facing activation issues and what can be done to troubleshoot them. In case nothing seems to help, then the last thing you should try is to get help from the support team of AVG.